Redeye Laboratories

It wasn’t until 1999 that I finally embraced the paintbrush and found that I enjoyed how forgiving painting was compared to the tight rigidness of drawing with pen and ink. After running a restaurant for 10 years, my wife Maggie and I felt it was time for something new. We had already sold our house in Eureka and moved back to my hometown of Ferndale. That was in December 06. Around the month of April 07, Maggie found a space on Main street that looked like a perfect spot for me. So, after a few weeks of remodeling, 425 Main was transformed into the new Redeye Laboratories.
In the summer of 2011, we acquired a new space just 3 storefronts down from where I was. After some more remodeling, the new lab was tripled in size and is the perfect space to create and display my work. If for some reason you visit on a day I am closed, please give me a call at 616-5783, and if I am available I would be glad to come down and show you around the shop.
Hours: Thursday-Monday, 12-5pm*
* These hours may vary during bouts of good surf.